This card was an experiment to create an inverse to the previous tri-folds, which used a lot of white space. Though it utilized the same process of sketching and layering a mockup with a lightboard, and transferring to the front and back of 140 CC watercolor paper, the inking stage took the longest. I wanted the tone of the card to feel dark, so I filled in the white space with ink, extending far beyond the lineart of the figures and elements. This way, when I cut the whole 10.5" x 8.5" card out, and then hand trimmed around each figure, the outlines would be black instead of white. The theme was a collage of characters he 12 Greeting Card set was a set of cohesive cards that covered a range of popular greeting card themes. Over a course of two months, four card concepts were completed every two weeks.

Each card went through the creative process of buzzwords or ideas; then thumbnails or small doodles, which were expanded upon in larger, linework compositions. The interior and exterior texts would be metered out in this stage. The linework was scanned and then projected onto a 12.5” x 14” piece of watercolor paper as the base of the painting.


After completion of each set of four, the paintings and spotlight illustrations were scanned in, adjusted in Photoshop, and then imported into InDesign as a 5” x 7” card file along with the refined exterior and interior text.


12 Greeting Cards