A card illustration for my own mom because I had a good idea for some bumblebee insectoid fey and my mom really loves bleeding heart flowers. I began with the idea of a mother fairy braiding her daughter’s hair. The composition of the card needed to include the flowers, but not be too complicated.

I transferred the sketch to a digital file and played around with horizontal and vertical compositions, settling on a horizontal one with sweeping branches. I traced the image onto 400 CC watercolor paper, and swept a few washes over, placing the color. I defined the linework with a 4B graphite pencil, and began painting in the background before tackling the lighter color of the figures. At the end, I redefined highlights with a white gel pen.

I gifted my mom the original piece, but turned the image into a card by adding digital text in Adobe Photoshop.


Mother's Day 2016 Card