Returned to the tri-fold layering technique, but experimented with traditional mediums. First, I sketched out what I wanted the front face to be layered like, and then used a lightboard to layer the back, middle, and front elements on three strips of paper that were cut the length of the card. After figuring what elements would be on the front and back, I taped the mockup, and then used a lightboard to transfer the sketch onto the front and back of 140 CC watercolor paper. After redefining the edges and fold markings with a ruler, I inked the design with Micron pens. When dry, I layered washes of watercolor over the ink, keeping the white of the paper but using a white gel pen to add white afterwards. With an X-acto blade, I trimmed the 10.5" x 8.5" card, hand cutting the outlines, and scoring the marks for proper folding direction.


"Surprised Deer" Birthday Tri-fold