happily hummingbee was created by Pam Kimball

Pam Kimball grew up weaving around the Michigan mitten. Through most of her childhood, she lived in the small town of Linden, graduated with her BFA in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, and now currently lives on the eastern side near Lake St. Claire. Her favorite place in the world is the wild unknown hidden in the Straights of Michigan.
  Besides living happily with her wonderful husband and two cats, Fado and Saria, Pam works as a freelance illustrator. Her primary mediums include watercolor, ink, and digital. She's worked odd jobs on and off since college, but her real passion lies in card making. She wants her work to instill sweet smiles into others as it does for herself.
  Pam believes life is an adventure, a larger world that can only be glimpsed through art; so keep an open mind, stop a moment and appreciate the grand little things in life, and happily be!

You can reach and chat with Pam at pamkimball.art@gmail.com

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