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Commission Info

Pricing Posts: [tumblr] [DeviantArt]


If you’re interested in commissioning me, here’s what to do:

  1. Read these Terms of Service for all my commission agreements.

  2. Fill out this order form; it’s as simple as that. The commission form will tell me most everything I need to know, and will be sent to my e-mail address,, upon completion. (If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me)

  3. I’ll contact you back about the commission details, confirming the final cost.

  4. Once everything’s set, I’ll send you an invoice to be fulfilled through PayPal (my PayPal is

  5. Please specify your tumblr username name, DeviantArt screen name, or some sort of contact name when you send your payment. It helps a bunch on keeping things organized on my end!

  6. I won’t begin a commission of fill you into a slot until the payment is made. Payments must be made as soon as possible upon receiving an invoice. I will not hold spots.

Check out my gallery to see what my styles and mediums and sweet things of the like.

Some things you can commission me for:

  • Portraiture (I love actual portraits) of real peoples, pets, OC’s, fan art

  • Narratives

  • Character and creature fashion and clothing

  • Hybrid and monster creatures

  • Pokemon and Pokefusions

  • FanArt


Thank you kindly, and happily be!


Some other information you ought to know:

  • Character commissons will always be sized 4" x 6" (1600px x 2400px) by default. If you would like a uniquely sized commission, please let me know and we can work out a compromise without the commission being priced as a full Illustrated Scene.

  • I may use the art you’ve commissioned me on business cards, banners, websites, portfolios or my own personal site, but all as non-profit uses. Commissioner credit will be given upon posting whenever possible. I would never sell pieces including your original characters without properly consulting you first.

  • NONE of the commissions I do are for anything other than personal use. You may use them as icons, banners, and re-post them to your social medias, however, you must give proper credit and link back to my DeviantArt page, link back to my tumblr page, or the original image. I give you permission to print the commission solely for your own personal, non-profit enjoyment.

status: CLOSED

(as of: October 1st, 2020)

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