Commission Slot Info

status: CLOSED

(as of: October 1st, 2020)

⬢   Slot 1   ⬢     CLOSED

⬢   Slot 2   ⬢     CLOSED

⬢   Slot 3   ⬢     CLOSED

If you’re interested in commissioning me, here’s what to do:

  1. Read these Terms of Service for all my commission agreements.

  2. Fill out this order form; it’s as simple as that. The commission form will tell me most everything I need to know, and will be sent to my e-mail address,, upon completion. (If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me)

  3. I’ll contact you back about the commission details, confirming the final cost.

  4. Once everything’s set, I’ll send you an invoice to be fulfilled through PayPal (my PayPal is also

  5. Please specify your tumblr username name, DeviantArt screen name, or some sort of contact name when you send your payment. It helps a bunch on keeping things organized on my end!

  6. I won’t begin a commission of fill you into a slot until the payment is made. Payments must be made as soon as possible upon receiving an invoice. I will not hold spots.


Check out my gallery to see what my styles and mediums and sweet things of the like.

Some things you can commission me for:

  • Portraiture (I love actual portraits) of real peoples, pets, OC’s, fan art

  • Narratives

  • Character and creature fashion and clothing

  • Hybrid and monster creatures

  • Pokemon and Pokefusions

  • FanArt

Thank you kindly, and happily be!

Some other information you ought to know:

  • Character commissions will always be sized 5" x 7" (1500px x 2100px) by default. If you would like a uniquely sized commission, please let me know and we can work out a compromise without the commission being priced as a full Illustrated Scene.

  • I may use the art you’ve commissioned me on business cards, banners, websites, portfolios or my own personal site, but all as non-profit uses. Commissioner credit will be given upon posting whenever possible. I would never sell pieces including your original characters without properly consulting you first.

  • NONE of the commissions I do are for anything other than personal use. You may use them as icons, banners, and re-post them to your social medias, however, you must give proper credit and link back to my DeviantArt page, link back to my tumblr page, or the original image. I give you permission to print the commission solely for your own personal, non-profit enjoyment.




⬢   Order Form

If you know me as Pam, HappilyHummingbee, or hhummingbee,

you've come to the right place!

Prices shown on my Commission Pricing Page are simply for casual art orders, and as such do not reflect my commercial or contracting freelance work. To discuss hiring me for serious freelance illustration, card or book design, please contact me at

  If casual commissions happen to be closed, it will say so on my Commission FAQ. I will not accept order forms that are sent after the posed closed date, so please be mindful of the post's information.

Thank you kindly, and happily be!


Terms of Service

Updated as of January 25, 2022

If you commission me, then these terms of service apply to you. Please take the time to review them so that we can stay on the same, professional page.
    Please review the information below carefully. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms.

⬢   Commission   ⬢
If you are interested in commissioning piece from me, please fill out the order form above. It will be received as an e-mail, and I will respond as promptly as possible to the address you input into the form.
Please do not attempt to commission me through social media messages, comments, or notes; if I catch it, I might refer you to this page, but I cannot guarantee a response through those means.
  If you have any deadline expectations, discuss them with me before payment. I ensure that work is done in a reasonable and timely manner. However, I reserve the right to turn down work with deadlines that I cannot reasonably accommodate, or apply a rush fee (the closer the deadline, the higher the fee) to the commission.
  In the event that commissions are closed, no new commission forms will be accepted past the posted closed date posted on this commission info page. The best way to catch me is to follow me on tumblr or DeviantArt. Commissions are also publicly announced on my Patreon, so there's many other ways to hear the buzz.
  Prices shown in my social media Pricing Post are only base prices for a commission, meaning they can be raised if troubling conditions arise (sizing challenges with content and proposed dimensions, rushing deadlines, etc.). These prices are simply casual art orders, and as such do not reflect my commercial or contracting freelance work. To discuss hiring me for business related freelance illustrations, card, or book designs, please contact me at .

⬢   Payment   ⬢
I only accept cash via PayPal’s invoice system as a means of payment. Details of this can be worked out through e-mail before an invoice is sent and the commission started. Please no cash or checks. If there are PayPal fees on your end, those are not included into my prices, and are held accountable by the client. Commission will only begin after payment is received in full.
  If for any personal reason I cannot complete your commission, you will be 100% refunded.


⬢   Cancellation   ⬢
You may only cancel your commission if it is still pending (waiting in queue to be started or the invoice has not been paid). Once the payment has gone through and I begin the commission, the commission is non-refundable. I reserve the right to cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, and/or inability to communicate in effective English.

⬢   Final Product   ⬢
You will receive a 300 dpi, full size, digital image in .tif format. I can also provide the .kra file (Krita) if so desired.

⬢   Terms of Use   ⬢
The Client may use the digital .tif or .kra file for any personal, non-commercial purpose. The Client may use the image as an icon or banner, and may print the commission solely for their own personal, non-profit enjoyment. The Client agrees to not remove the Artist's signature from the sketches, preparatory works, or the finished artwork. The Client agrees to not alter the finished artwork in any way.

     The Client must request permission from the Artist if the Client seeks another party to color the Artist's artwork.

     The Client must let the Artist know if they re-post the artwork on any site (including DeviantArt and tumblr). The Client will give proper credit to the Artist for to the artwork. The Client may link back to the Artist's personal website, the Artist's online social media handles, or to the artwork's original image posted by the Artist.

     The Artist retains all copyright and reproduction rights to any artwork made through the commission, including displaying all commissioned artwork on any personal website, gallery, blog, journal, portfolio, and personal business cards, as well as posting on the Artist's social media handles. The commissioned artwork may not be reproduced by any persons whatsoever without the express, written permission of the Artist. Credit to the Client will be given upon posting whenever possible. The artist will not sell pieces or content that includes the Client's original characters without properly consulting the Client first.
    Additionally, the artist
reserves the right to recycle sketches and preparatory works that are rejected for other commissions or personal works.

     A Bill of Sale will only be drawn up with a commissioned purchase order for the original artwork.

⬢   Payment   ⬢
The Process
If you are interested, please fill out the order form with a thorough and detailed description of what you want, along with any references.

          1 ⬢   Thumbnail stage: Three (3) thumbnail concepts will be proposed. Alterations can be requested.

          2 ⬢   Rough Sketch stage: One (1) rough sketch is provided. Alterations can be requested; changes shall be relatively small, and not require the whole mockup to be redone (at max of 2 additional Rough Sketches).

          3 ⬢   In-Progress stage(s): Can consist of sketch refinement, linear, and color. Further previews will be made available to you upon your request or as needed by the artist. Changes shall be minimal and not effect the concept established in the Rough Sketch stage.

          4 ⬢   Finished Piece: The commission is finished.

Unless otherwise noted, character commissions will be sized 4 in. x 6 in. (or 6 in. x 4 in.) by default. If you would like a uniquely sized commission, select the unique option and we can work out the details through e-mail. Please note this may affect the price of the commission.
  If I have an issue with the request, I will inform you and give you the opportunity to change the commission before sending an invoice or cancelling the commission.
  Once an agreement is made, I will put you in a commission slot as “queued”. An invoice will be sent to your e-mail outlining the commission. Payment should be made now. Time until the commission is started depends on what number you are in queue.
  When a commission is started, the commission slot will be updated to “filled”. Depending on what level of involvement you'd like to have with the commission will determine how the next stages progress, and how quickly the commission will be finished. Commissioner input can vary the length of time it takes to finish the commission because it relies on how often the client and artist communicate. No matter what level of involvement you'd like to have with the commission, I will always begin by making three thumbnails to be previewed to you through our established e-mail contact. You will then choose a preferred thumbnail, and I will move onto the rough sketch stage.
  If you give me free reign, you’ll inform me of what you want in the commission form, leaving the composition and color choices up to me based on what requests have been outlined. This doesn't mean zero communication, just that it might seem a better decision if you really don’t know what you want the final commission to look like.
  If you'd like a hand in the design process, you'll have a say in what composition - out of the thumbnails provided - you’d like to pursue, and will be able to voice your opinions on adjustments at certain stages in the concept. After that, you don’t want any further updates until the commission is finished.
  If you'd prefer walking updates, it means that you'd be involved in every developmental stage. This is a good option for someone who knows what they want and would like to lead the direction of the commission. I’ll e-mail updates of each stage as I reach them, and you can rest easy about how the commission is looking.
  Alterations can be requested during both the previewing of the thumbnails and the rough sketch. Changes shall be relatively small, and not require the whole commission to be redone (at max of 2 additional Rough Sketches). After alterations are set with the rough sketch, I will move onto finishing the piece through refinement, linear (if applicable), and color (if applicable). Periodic input might be needed during the color stage (if applicable), to insure colors are accurate. Further previews will be made available to you upon your request.
  When the commission is completed, you the final product will be transferred to you as a 400 dpi, full size, digital image in .tif through your choice of e-mail as a compressed file, Google Drive, or DropBox. The full resolution image will be uploaded to my DeviantArt gallery, tumblr, and Instagram, where the high-res file will be available for download - if possible - unless requested otherwise by you.