Michigan Explorers Books

"Michigan Explorers" is a children's book series proposal about fact-filled books that explore differing aspects of Michigan guided by a mythological creature.


The first proposal of these books explored The Great Lakes, guided by a freshwater mermaid names Nat.


The second proposal of these books explored Michigan's natural flora as it changes through the seasons, with a druid named Elmira as your guide.


The third proposal of these books explored birds and bugs, specifically, guided by a hummingbird harpy named Jeep.

Every classic book needs a modernized bookcover to appeal to the crowds of the modern age. The first is a narrative cover, with important bits of the story peeking through the veil of a dynamic moment that captures the intrigue of the viewer. The second is a more symbollic take, catering to the more conseptual reader with a more serious tone.

When Godtree of Mirel begins shaking in anguish, sending the creatures of the forest into a rageful frenzy, Yuula's tribe is the closest target. Orphaned at a young age by Skinwalkers - those who tread the line between man and beast - the lowly pig herder volunteers to bind herself with the captured jackalskin Farlnr in order to discover the source of the forest's discord.


Can she who has tamed a sacred moontusk mend the bonds of broken skins between man and beast and calm the distraught spirits of the forest? Or will she side with the earth, deeming the sctiond of a past neglected and smeared in blood too unforgivable to pardon?


Redesign of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Grey"

Spectral Twins

Ashmond and Elmira are proud to title themselves as brilliant detectives, solving mysteries of all odds and ends and keeping record of it all in their notebook. Pretty good work for a thirteen-year-old grandaughter of the local lighthousekeeper and her ghostly twin brother - unfinished business and whatnot. When they come across the biggest real mystery they've ever had, the two trace their notes to realize that all their cases have been mere footprints leading up to this, and that Ashmond's death was no accident at all.

Bloodmoon Rising

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