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Handy Dandy Withcrafts

A cute collection of supply witches teaming up to aid your writing dilemmas.


Pennelope Wright and Junne Painter are artistic witches, who fill your stationary with creative inspiration and color. Each specific letterhead comes with a matching envelope.


Sunnella Fields and Autumnn Winters are weather witches, ready to double check your checklists for ultimate preparation. I had planned for each one to come as a stack of sticky notepads with an additional pen with a stripe color matching each notepad’s borders.


Clemenntine Sweet and Minnt Truffle are cooking witches, and organizing your thoughts on recipe cards is what makes for quick and easy treats. To keep each in a set, I thought about providing a recipe card box to go along with each set of Clemenntines or Minnts.


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A few mug designs.

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Entice Me to Read Bookmarks

What began as a fun concept for an overhanging bookmark sparked a way to interest children in reading through a cast of mythological based characters.


Each bookmark character began with concept sketches to figure out the look of the character. Then, with the 2” x 7” constraint in mind, a sketch of the chosen character in some position to be hanging over the top of a page. Using a backlight, the back outline and proportions of each character could be made to match the fronts. The darker linework was scanned in and then projected into watercolor paper as the base of the painting.


Once completed, the paintings were be scanned in and adjusted in Photoshop. A copy would be made of the overhanging part, cut into the right segments and separated from the bookmark’s overall front and back, then everything was positioned in a print and fold format for easy cutting. Only half of the separated overhang segment would be adhered to the main body of the bookmark, and everything was then cut, glued, folded, and trimmed by hand.